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On this online math website you'll learn operations with fractions. This website always generates new fraction exercises.

The first exercise is about recognizing fractions. We show you pictures of a fractions.

The next exercise is about finding fraction of a number. We have 2 levels: first with numerator = 1 and second with numerator > 1.

Then we learn simplifying fractions.

Before we can start with addition and subtraction we need te know how to convert unlike fractions to like fractions. This doesn't change the value of the fractions and is a necessary operation before you can start with addition of subtraction.

After addition and subtraction we need to simplify the fractions and convert improper fractions to mixed fractions.

Now we have all the skills for fraction operations:

We also include a page with rules of fractions.

Learning math online is more fun than fractions adding and subtracting worksheets. Comparing fractions, decimals and percents is easy to learn with our basic exercises.

Reducing fractions is one of the most important parts to know well. Also cross reducing fractions or cross cancelling is important to learn. This can help you with multiplying fractions or dividing fractions. When reducing fractions or cross cancelling you will need to know the easiest way to find the greatest common factor.

improper fractions

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